Greetings and Welcome to My Journal,

Once upon a (real) life a girl who was involved with a programmer for a mystical world journeyed to a far off land. So as in a way to keep and enhance their long distance relationship in a virtual world. They arrived as a dynamic duo where she transformed her skills from one (Sims) world to another (SL) world. But soon due to unfortunate fate the journey was ended all to soon for this duo. She was alone and in mourning.

Grief stricken she soon discovered a new (alt) life to once again journey through this world. Not looking or wanting a relationship the path took her far and wide. To many places and to meet many new and rekindle old friendships. Venturing into the business side and┬áseeking new creative ways to contribute. It was fun and even profitable. Soon though the demands of the company out weighed her pleasure in doing so. Her path was cut short due to a friend getting stalked and attacked. The decision was made to seek out yet a new (alt) life. However with that in mind this time two persona’s was made. One was born to have a happy ‘business’ life so sought pleasurable ways to support her worlds. Another was created a few days later in order to lead a quiet yet peaceful life.
<blockquote>Alternate lives are a great way in which to express the difference personalities that you want to explore. Yes they can be used to deceive, but I believe that shows the character of the person behind them on how they handle their alts. I have morals with all mine and will not hide or deceive with them. I may not come right out and say it’s me in another life, but neither will I hide or lie about it if directly asked. If your a close friend you probably already know anyways :)&gt;</blockquote>
That began my new adventures. The first one went to work at a new strip club earning a name for herself. While the other became the lovely creature here.

***** So begins this journal******