Brett Eldredge – Wanna Be that Song

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A dedication to me and love this song. Means something when they sit and sing in my ear.

Life In SL

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A Perspective….

We live our life within structure. To be in a world that is both real and yet a game. The question in one world “how does one perceive the other”, is it real or a game.


People are like water,
Varieties like the depth of a puddle,
or the endless of an ocean.
Consistent like liquid,
A force that can be unstoppable,
But can be contained.

Taste good or can sour our life…. Life can be thick or thin…. *smiles*


Space is infinite unless defined, then it becomes a box. Each dimension is defined by space though once your surpass your space you transcend to another dimension within this time guided by the laws of three. The three states of life…. senses|cognition|awareness….

Second Life will never satisfy what Real Life will bring

Spirit Guide

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People with Cat as their totem are always extremely psychic & creative people. Often they are independent, unpredictable and more often than not highly astute in all situations. There is always a sense of mystery that surrounds them. They are also highly selective in choosing their friends and will rarely cave to peer pressure.

They choose their own way in life but have to be careful not to become too reclusive. You are patient and persistent in attaining your goals.

You have a tendency to plan for all contingencies and can change direction on a dime if you need to. You naturally respect others in your environment as well as have a great deal of self respect. You are self confident, wise and courageous in the face of adversity.
You have a great deal of personal power and understand the use of intention. You have a gift for aligning the energy around you into a constant and stable balance.