My Life

Once upon a time in a far off land called reality. It was a typical one where I worked all day, came home and fiddled with my hobbies. Which at the time was The Sims and building websites. I’ve always loved doing both and haven’t given up either as of today.


Little bit of background about reality here. I didn’t have a typical childhood, but it could have been a lot worse. In one word I can describe it, Solitary. My family had a penchant for moving quite often, every 6 months if not sooner. I question those moves now and wonder what prompted some of them. It was nomadic and didn’t give me time to make a lot of friends my own age. That left me being raised around older kids, my brothers, and adults. It kinda explains my mature attitude. To top that off we could never be called a close family though many have said we are by living together for so long. Honestly I don’t remember the last time anyone in my family has even said I love you to each other, if at all.

Those paths we walk down I think in a manner the ‘wrong’ marriage one I went thru put me in contact with my first real family. Granted it didn’t start off or end well. However it gave me a mother in law who to this day I love and talk to about anything. She came into our lives and it opened the door. After that I made close friends and became closer to people than I even had been.

Second Life

On the last days of my marriage, when I found out the ex didn’t file like he was suppose to, I discovered this crazy thing called the internet. It allowed me to be social without the face to face contact. What a wonderful thing!!!

As such this is how I found myself to become great friends with an older gentleman that I grew quite close with. He worked in California (state next to me at the time) as a private consultant. His current contract brought him into my world through a forum we both were on at the time. Then he brought me into his, <insert laughs here>. His project was creating a virtual world in which you interact with others in an effort to educate those that couldn’t make it to a local facility to learn. What it turned into was something else.

With a fast majority of our time spent online it because something more to us as well. By the time I actually got into it I had already met and our friendship had grown into a more intimate relationship. Therefore it allowed us to be closer when we weren’t together. But much more than that it allowed me to finally open up and be social an explore this new world as I couldn’t the real one.

I don’t hide all my lives from my friends. If you want to be part of them or our paths cross then you will know them. Have a question on one being me, ask. If your a friend then I have not issue in telling you it’s me or not.

Most of my avatars have had a purpose on their creation. The very first one of course is special because even after his death she is still tied to him. Rarely if ever you will see her, somethings are best kept close to the heart and there for only use. So is the few others I have made, because I could and they to serve their purpose.

Then this life came, one I created and put so much of myself into. Her life story and mine mirrors my own in most things, especially that of our childhood experiences, except of course the settings, surroundings, and friends. Though some of those have surely crossed over. She became me and I became her. A vessel to express, create, and discover more and more about myself. Serena.